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when life gives you…

Sunday. 10. 10. 2010.

My life has decided to give me chilies. Beautiful, red, shiny, spicy chilies.

At first I didn’t know what I would do with these chilies.

chilies from my plant

I made a dipping sauce for dumplings I had made for a “dinner party” with a couple of these chilies and realized that our household needs a constant supply of chili soy sauce.

chilies in soy sauce

I just cut up the chilies, filled the jar with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. The sauce would be mild at first but with time, the soy sauce will be infused with the delicious sting of the chilies. FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!

You’ll probably have to give it a bit of a stir before you use it ’cause the oil and soy sauce will separate.

It’s not only great as a dipping sauce. It’s also fantastic with soup noodles. I added some to my Shanghai nian gao with nappa cabbage soup. DELICIOUS

Shanghai nian gao + nappa cabbage soup

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