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Sunday. 10. 10. 2010.

I’ve been meaning to write some posts in the past week but it would appear that someone has shortened my days. Strange too since I had Monday AND Friday off.


I checked out chili pots and it would appear that some have sprouted! How exciting is that?

LIFE!! My chilli seeds... THEY GROW!!

With the recent grey weather, I’ve also put in an order for 2 grow lights. If these seedlings are gonna make it through our bleak grey fall/winter, they’re gonna need some artificial help. I’ve already crowded my plants around the 2 glass doors of our house.


While looking at my plants, I’ve also noticed that my eggplant has gotten bigger. MUCH bigger. 🙂

My lovely eggplant.

I wish there would be more than 1 but I totally understand that it’s a bit of a miracle that I even have an eggplant. It’s not exactly the season for growing. Maybe in Argentina but definitely not here.

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