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Tuesday. 10. 5. 2010.

Somewhere… there is a list. I guess it’s in my mind but that’s not the point.

The point is… this list involves foods I’d like to make. After seeing a post on Guinness cupcakes, I think I will write this list down.

So here’s what I remember…

  1. Creme brulée
  2. Guinness cupcakes for St Patrick’s day
  3. Shrimp & zucchini pie
  4. Smoked salmon
  5. Clam chowder
  6. Chinese stewed beef brisket with radish
  7. Jamaican patties
  8. Curry puffs
  9. Egg tarts
  10. Bibimbap
  11. Pecan pie muffins
  12. Some sort of cheesecake
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