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done for the year

Sunday. 10. 3. 2010.

Well… the garden of 2010 has come to an end. All the tomatoes have been harvested. Dead/dying plants have been uprooted and cages stacked up in the shed. That’s not to say that the growing stops here. I’ve covered the soil with a weed barrier cloth until my crimson clover seeds come in the mail. The clover is gonna be what they call “green manure“. I’ll be mulching the 2 Swiss chard plants because they’ll grow back next spring.

I was at Hornbach (Home Depot equivalent) yesterday buying mulch for the lilacs. That’s when I discovered the discount table in the gardening department. 30kr for an orchid! Too good to pass up. They were also selling off their perennials. I picked up a couple of strawberry plants, 1 of which had dark pink flowers instead of the conventional white.

I’m waiting patiently for my chili seeds to sprout. It’s like watching water boil.

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