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chili seeds + pepper seedlings

Monday. 09. 27. 2010.

chili pepper seeds

My order of chili seeds came in the mail today. I even got a free baggie of “Ring of Fire” chili seeds. I’m gonna try to head to IKEA to pick up more of those wee pot and tray sets this week so I can get the seeds going.

transplanting bell pepper seedlings

I also decided to transplant my bell pepper seedlings. I took some seeds from a bell pepper we ate for dinner and just sowed them in a bit of soil in a plastic tray that chicken wings were sold in. I wasn’t sure they’d survive the recent cooler temperature but they appear to be little troopers.

transplanting bell pepper seedlings

I’m all about reusing containers and pots. The white pots previously contained the tomato plants we bought from Hornbach. The green tray was part of the the “mini greenhouse” I used to propagate my tomatoes.

transplanting bell pepper seedlings

I know I don’t need 7 bell pepper plants but I really have a hard time killing off seedlings.

transplanting bell pepper seedlings

After about 2 minutes of the plants sitting on the window shelf, I reconsidered it’s placement and moved it to the “island”.

So with fingers crossed, I hope these will produce some lovely bell peppers. I love bell peppers.

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