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garden apparently involves so much more

Sunday. 09. 26. 2010.

I went out to the garden today to kind of tidy up the tomatoes and pick some that were ready. There were a few that were so ripe that they had started to split. I figured that I would need to save seeds at some point in time so I decided to give that a try.

It seems that many swear by the fermentation method. Putting cups of tomato pulp mixed with some water to ferment, develop a moldy scum and then dry. I, however, am not a big fan of having cups of anything fermenting and developing mold in my household. (I will attempt to make things like kimchi and sauerkraut at some point in time but it’s different.)

There is another method that involves using Comet Powder, the stuff people clean their ovens with. I don’t have that and I don’t know how I feel about sprinkling powdered oven cleaner on my seeds.

In the end, I went with the wash and dry method.

black cherry tomato seeds + pulp

black cherry tomato seeds

black cherry tomato seeds

red pear tomato seeds

The red pear tomatoes were not as ripe as the black cherry tomatoes so the seeds are greener.

red pear tomato seeds

We have pansy growing in a container out front and I saw that there were some seed “pods” that still had seeds. I thought I’d collect them and save them before winter came and killed them off. There are plenty of seedlings in and around the container so the seeds obviously work just fine.

pansy seed pods

pansy seeds

Fingers crossed for the tomato seeds. If it all works out, then I will not have to purchase as many seeds. I can buy seeds for plants I don’t have.  🙂

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