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to be the queen

Saturday. 09. 25. 2010.

I’m very much like my mother in many ways. One of them is, when I get interested in something, it becomes almost obsessive. I have decided that I’m going to become the queen of tomatoes and chili peppers. I’ve been ordering seeds and browsing different varieties that I may be able to plant. I’ve got 2 orders that will hopefully arrive in the mail sometime next week.

Tomatoes will be saved for next spring to sow. Chili peppers, however, will be grown indoors so I can start them as soon as possible.

I got these sets of wee pots and tray from IKEA. Apparently they’re getting phased out so they were only 9kr per set. I suddenly realised today that they’d be PERFECT for sprouting. To top it off, they’re totally reusable. Just pop them in the dishwasher after I transplant the seedlings into bigger pots.


I’m using just ordinary top soil. I try to use new top soil for seeds but I’ve reused soil before and it worked just fine.


At the present moment I’ve only got Ancho Grande and White Habanero seeds. I ordered these from Haddons @


I’m going with 1 seed per pot. Used a pair of chopsticks to distribute and poke the seed into the soil.


I’ve been reading that it’s good to sprout seeds in some sort of enclosed area so that the warmth and humidity sticks around. So I’ve put the pots in some clear bags so the seedlings will still get light and not get “leggy”.


Now it’s just a matter of waiting.

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