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spicier than thought

Tuesday. 09. 21. 2010.

I made a pot of spicy tomato soup yesterday and it came out spicier than anticipated. I used 1 chili, the smallest one and had to scour the interweb to find a way to neutralize it. In the end, it still has bite but is less, “OMG I am on fire” kind of burning. Except that it builds up after a helping. Even Fredrik had to drink a glass of milk to sooth senses.

I also took photos… so here’s my tutorial for my spicy tomato soup. Feel free to add less or more of anything.

Start out with your tomatoes. Mine came from the garden. Some were not completely ripe but that’s ok. Don’t forget to wash them.

tomatoes from the garden

Chop up 1/2 an onion, a couple carrots and 1 chili pepper (adjust if needed).

chopped carrots, onion + chili

Start by “sweating” the onion, carrot and chili. All great soups start out with sweating. Don’t ask why.


Chop up your tomatoes.

chopped tomatoes

As you can see, I had quite a number of varieties of tomatoes. The dark ones were the black cherry.

check out the colours

I had some leek left over from the pot pie making so I threw them in.

chopped leek

A while ago, I made roast peppers. In went those too.

roasted peppers

In goes the tomatoes.

cook the tomatoes

As the cells in the tomatoes burst from the heat, you’ll find yourself with something that looks like this.

after a few minutes of cooking

Add 1/2L of beef stock. I used bouillon powder, you can use real stock if you want. Doesn’t have to be beef stock, can be vegetable, chicken, fish, even no stock, just water.

beef stock

Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 30min.

At this time, go enjoy a nice cup of tay and perhaps a biscuit.

You could have the soup as is or if you want, take a handheld blender and purée it. You can do it in a blender or food processor too if you don’t have a handheld blender.

purée with handheld blender

I had some thyme lying around so I threw those in and blended it up.


I found the soup to be a bit… weak, so I added some tomato purée.

tomato purée

I used soy sauce instead of salt to season. I find that soy sauce has a fuller body. Don’t ask me to explain, it just tastes right comparing to salt.

soy sauce

If you ended up with a soup that is a bit too spicy, add some more tomatoes if you want and/or honey. I added a box of crushed tomatoes and honey. Toned down the heat to a more tolerable state.

honey to tone down spicy

Serve with toast or a grill cheese.

finished soup

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  1. catseatsocks permalink
    Thursday. 09. 23. 2010. 9.15 pm

    I use red pepper flakes in a lot of things, and sometimes I do have to be careful! They are better than the whole dried peppers I have, I find.

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