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pork pork pork

Sunday. 09. 12. 2010.

I think I have pork in my lungs.

roast pork

The piece of pork my work ordered in came in at nearly 15kg. I divided it up into 3 gorgeous pieces. The first was smoked and slowly barbecued into pulled pork. Today I slow roasted 1 of the 2 remaining pieces and it was FANTASTIC!

roast pork

6 HOURS at 150°C not only produced a beautifully succulent pork roast with a crispy crackling (I popped it back in the oven for further crisping) but also a most delicious gravy base. I combined it with caramelized onions after separating a whole cup of fat. I think I’ll also mention I love using the fat separator.

For dessert I made an apple tart using Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. I had hoped to make a custard/crème anglaise to go with the tart but the pork kind of put me into a bit of a food coma. I THOUGHT I had a can of Bird’s custard but apparently not. We had to settle for vanilla ice cream.

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