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composting vs composting

Thursday. 09. 9. 2010.

Now that we live in a house with a lot, I’m hoping to set up a compost.

My experiences with compost is rather minimal despite the fact that my mother is an avid gardener. She didn’t compost. We had a compost at the house I grew up in but it wasn’t used. I think my parents filled it up with grass clippings and never touched it again. Now they live in a city were the city collects compost.

Fredrik looked up the “regulations” of composting in our local commune and apparently we’re allowed to have a compost that composts only yard waste but we would need to apply for permission if we wanted to compost household waste.

Thinking about this the other day while peeling carrots, I asked what the difference was between composting a rotten tomato I picked off the vine versus composting bits of a tomato I cut off in making dinner. He did not have an answer.

I can see it being a problem if I were to compost meat and dairy ’cause the reason why they don’t want people to have a household waste compost is the smell and attraction of rodents (Stockholm is the rat capital of Scandinavia). But what’s so different about the plant material coming from INSIDE my house comparing to the plant material growing OUTSIDE of my house?

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  1. catseatsocks permalink
    Thursday. 09. 9. 2010. 5.16 pm

    I can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to do backyard composting of all plant waste. My parents compost and have for years. We have city pick-up in Halifax, but I’ve been lazy about taking my bin out.

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