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raspberries, blackberries, currants + gooseberries, oh my!

Sunday. 08. 29. 2010.

Fredrik and I went to a garden centre today to look at some plants we’re hoping to plant before the cold really comes in.

We’d like to plant some lilacs on the side of our property to create a fence/hedge thing since fences are not popular here like they are in North America. Don’t know why but they’re just not what people have.

Something like this.

We’ve got a hill behind our house and some of it was dug up for the constructions so now there’s no vegetation to keep the mud from running into our lot when it rains. My plan is to plant berry bushes there. I’m thinking that raspberries could be closest to the forest so that when it grows all wild and crazy, it could spread towards the forest. Then there’ll be blackberries and blueberries. I’ve also got plans for red, black and white currants. Hopefully they’ll all thrive and bare loads of fruit. I want jams, jellies and cordial!

Hopefully Fredrik and I will be able to get all these plants into the ground within the next month or so. It is no longer crazy hot  and just before it starts to get crazy cold.

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