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red currants!

Monday. 08. 2. 2010.

I went to a friend’s place for coffee, cake and flag pole raising on Saturday. The family recently became Swedish citizens and to celebrate their new citizenship, a group of friends got them a flag pole and Swedish flag. I missed out on the citizenship party ’cause I was in Canada.

I didn’t get to sample the cakes because Fredrik and I ate lunch right before we showed up and I was STUFFED. I did, however, sample the thumbprint cookies that were filled with red currant jam. It was DELICIOUS. It was a fantastic fika and we left with 2 heavy bags of red currants straight from their red currant bushes and a jar of the most intensely flavoured red currant jam.

Fredrik and I spent 3 hours yesterday removing the berries from the stems, boiling the berries and prepping the jars.

boiling red currants


clean jars

I made 6 jars of red currant jelly this morning and then 3 litres of cordial in the afternoon. The cordial is absolutely delicious and I’m waiting for a roast leg of lamb to sample the jelly.

red currant cordial

red currant jelly

I really cannot wait to plant our own bushes. I’m thinking that I’d like to have a red currant, a black currant and a white currant bush. I plan on blue berries and raspberries too. I’m gonna need a pantry just for all the jams, jellies and cordial I plan on making. 😀

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