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i’m suspecting the parents

Thursday. 07. 8. 2010.

I noticed today in my shopping that people here (in Sweden) can be rather rude and don’t have very good manners. Now that’s not to say that there are NO rude people in Canada and that everyone is ALWAYS courteous to each other. But I do notice there is a little bit more there than here in Sweden.

This is also not an “Canada is better than Sweden” kind of observation to back up our possible plans to move to Canada. But seriously…

I’m suspecting the parents because in Canada, more often than not, people have what my friends and I refer to as “Old World Parents”. Parents who would say, “What do you say?” in that tone when you were a millisecond late in saying “Please” or “Thank you”. Parents that would instruct you to run ahead to open a door for an elderly stranger and might give you a swat on the head if you didn’t act in time. You know the kind of parents I’m talking about. While we hated it when we were kids, we grew up to be better mannered and more courteous. Frankly I think that sort of behaviour (having good manners & being courteous and polite) leads to a better society.

There was a day when a woman with a cane had to SHAME some man out of his seat on the train. I’ve had 8-9 MONTHS PREGNANT friends tell me about how NO ONE would give them their seat on the subway. All this is just appalling.

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