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i love IKEA just hate the people

Thursday. 07. 8. 2010.

I was at the IKEA checkout with 3 items in my cart, standing in line behind this woman who had a cart that was brimming with stuff. Not a single space was not used to balance/hold some sort of purchase. Now I don’t expect people to do this, but in most circumstances, you’d think she’d suggest that I go ahead of her seeing how I have so little to pay for. But she didn’t. To top it all off, she kept looking back at me and my small amount of things as if wishing that in between the looks, I’d go around collecting things to fill up my cart while standing in line.

Now I think the concept of the whole self picking is great. I love the self check out that is everywhere in Canada and now starting up in Sweden. I get my shopping done faster.

But it’s moments like the couple I end up encountering that make me wonder if there should be some sort of IQ testing before one is allowed to do something like self checkout or self picking.

I made the mistake of moving to a different line thinking that it would proceed faster than standing behind the lady that won’t stop looking back at me.

Now let me give you a bit of background info. When Fredrik and I go to IKEA, we’re very organized. We get what we want, we make sure all the barcodes are accessible and we try to get out as soon as possible. In fact, there are signs throughout IKEA that tell you to put your items into the trolley so that the cashier can scan the barcode easily.

Well the asshat couple in front of me decides to stack all their pieces and obviously the pieces on the very bottom have barcodes on the top where other things are covering it. I think the cashier flashed a few moments of wishing the IKEA gods would just strike him dead on the spot instead of having to deal with these two asshats.

After some sad attempts to lift the stack to reveal the barcodes, the cashier suggests to the guy that they get another cart to move the stuff on top to get to the stuff on the bottom. Now if I were these people, I’d suggest paying for what got scanned first so the people in line could pay for their stuff while they do the rearranging. But of course this doesn’t happen. So we watch.

Just when I was free of Mr. and Mrs. Asshat, I run into them again at the elevator. I had a cart with me because I bought something that had to be picked up downstairs. The elevator fits about 2 carts. I get into the elevator thinking that Mrs. Asshat might also get in but also understandable if she decides to wait. Instead she just looks at me. Not even a “You go on ahead” or “We’ll wait for the next one”. I had to ASK her if she’s gonna wait.

Someone please tell me… what the hell is WRONG with people?!

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