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like i’m broken or something

Monday. 07. 5. 2010.

It seems that I have very little heat tolerance. I’m sweating and feeling overheated in the slightest heat. At the present moment it’s nearly 25°C in the house which should be a fairly comfortable temperature and I need to have the ceiling fan on. Mind you, our house has been very much like an oven in these warmer temperatures. I’ll explain further later.

But yeah… so I have very little heat tolerance nowadays. After doing the obligatory Google search for what could be wrong with me, I’ve narrowed it down to the following possibilities:

  • pregnancy
  • menopause
  • obesity

Now I know that I am overweight but I wouldn’t really put myself into the “obese” range. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I can’t be pregnant ’cause I’ve been on the pill and getting my periods regularly. Sorry for the over information.

So that leaves menopause. Which is also pretty unlikely because I’m not getting hot flashes. I just can’t tolerate heat.

Whatever the problem may be, I just hope it will go away soon because I really love warm weather and I am not a big fan of looking like I was doing some serious aerobic workout.

Now back to the issue that we’ve had with our house. Although I suppose it’s not much of an issue.

As you know, I live in Sweden and Sweden is not known for it’s hot weather. Well, this summer has been rather different from summers of the past. It’s been pretty warm, on a few occasions in certain areas of the country, temperatures have gone past 30°C. Which is a pretty big deal when you’re talking about Sweden.

Things associated with Sweden:

So anyways.

Our house is built of wood. In fact, most houses in Sweden are built of wood. That’s because wooden houses are warmer than brick houses. Although it kind of contradicts what the three little pigs have taught us about what material to build our houses out of. Surely they did not live in Sweden.

Houses in Sweden is also built to keep the warm in. Our windows and glass doors are triple glazed for example. I’m sure there’s also something special about the insulation in the walls of our house.

All this is fantastic in the winter because where we live is a few degrees colder than the city. We’ve got a few open fields that allow for some serious winds to pass through.

It is, however, not so grand when temperatures are in the high 20’s.

Oh yeah, might I also point out the fact that we have limitations on how much we can open our windows because of the cats. Not to mention the fact that the sun is always on our house because of our location.

So all this sums up to us having moments where it’s much warmer in the house than outside.

Yesterday I looked at our thermometer and saw that it was 21°C outside while it was nearly 27°C inside. The house was feeling a bit like a Turkish sauna. The cats were all passed out from the heat. Combine that with my heat intolerance, this is just a friggin’ sweaty nightmare.

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