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wedding season

Sunday. 07. 4. 2010.

This summer Fredrik and I have been invited to 2 weddings. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m not friends with any of these people getting married but I find the whole idea of having to go to these weddings a total pain in the ass.

I’ve never actually gone to a full wedding, just the receptions. For the Chinese, people get invited to the banquet. The reception is more of a immediate family thing. I’m not really sure what to expect from these upcoming weddings. I think I’m more upset with the idea that I have to give up these 2 days for people I’m simply acquaintances to. To top it all off, we’re supposed to give them a gift of sorts. I reserve my gift giving to only a selected few.

Denise, my friend back in Canada, attended an Italian wedding with her boyfriend a few weeks ago. Apparently, at Italian weddings, they give the gift of money. (Something I’ve always thought was practical and great. Go buy your own goddamn toaster/coffee maker!) However, the appropriate sum of this came up as a subject when we were talking about this wedding. Denise’s boyfriend apparently asked someone and was told that they were kind of expected to give $300. $300?! The idea is that you give them a bit more than what they paid for your meal. To that, he says, “If you want people to give you that much money, then you shouldn’t invite poor people to your wedding.” Amen to that.

One of these weddings have a dress code. It’s supposed to be “medieval” themed. I love dress up as much as anyone but really, only on my terms. I opted for making myself a dress. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a “medieval” style dress that would fit someone that’s my height? I’m not skinny enough to fit in children’s clothing and not tall enough to wear anything in the adult section. Fredrik’s having a hell of a time trying to find something to wear. As I was telling Denise, “We can’t decide what level of pirate he should show up as.” Frankly I think people should be allowed to attend a wedding in whatever they want to wear. If I were to have another wedding, I’d allow people to show up in sweatpants if they should wish.

Well… here’s hoping that the food will at least be good.

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  1. catseatsocks permalink
    Sunday. 07. 4. 2010. 11.54 pm

    That sounds icky. Do you have to go? I don’t get invited to many weddings, thankfully. Not a fan of them.

    • Monday. 07. 5. 2010. 12.27 am

      Yeah… one of them is like Fredrik’s close friend and the other is a guy in his band. No getting out of these.

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