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been in a different country

Monday. 06. 28. 2010.

At the present moment I’m sitting in the Newark airport. I nearly didn’t make it to New York due to bad weather. My flight from Toronto to Newark would’ve had to turn back if the hold wasn’t lifted before the plane ran out of “waiting” fuel.

I’ve been in Toronto for the past 3 weeks and it’s been nice to see my family and friends. Things were a bit more relaxed because Fredrik didn’t come this time. But that’s not to say that I prefer to go to Toronto without him. I just didn’t have the NEED to do so many things ’cause I want him to know about all the stuff I grew up with.

I was in Kansas for about 4 days to visit my aunt and her family. Picked up all the stuff I ordered and let me tell you, there were lots of things. There were moments when she doubted that I’d make it back to Toronto with everything.

It was nice to know that my friends are all getting along well with their lives. They’ve moved out of the house they shared and into individual apartments with their other halves. I feel kind of grown up by it all. It’s hard to explain.

I shouldn’t be too long from boarding. Looking forward to going home to my Fredrik, our kitties and our house.

I’ve put on a wee bit of weight, gorging on the deliciousness not available in Sweden so there are plans to start running and do some weight training. The exercising is not just to lose weight. Being inactive for 3 weeks, I’m feeling pretty beaten up.

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