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gotta love it

Saturday. 06. 12. 2010.

I took 3 of my cousins out to this restaurant and boy was the service good!

We went to Marina Grog and Galley. Now I totally understand them being packed on a Friday night but what pissed me off was the whole “we don’t want you to eat here” tone and looks.

Was it because we looked like we were gonna order 1 entry and share it? Possible. (Mind you, we pulled up in a BMW SUV.)

Perhaps it was my tattoos. We are, after all, in middle America.

My cousins were aged 12 and 7. Fear that they may misbehave?

Whatever the reasons where, I have never felt more unwelcomed at a restaurant in my life. Guess they felt they’re ritzier than to have people like us eat there.

So we were told that we’d have to wait for an hour for a table. After we decided that we would wait for the table, the owner? tells us that we’re going to have to wait elsewhere because there is no waiting area. Fine. We weren’t going to stick around anyways.

When we came back an hour later, we were told that it’d be a few more minutes before a table opens up. Which is perfectly acceptable and I even suggested that we get a drink while we wait for the first available table. After at least 5 servers pass the table we’re waiting at without even giving us a second glance, I flag down the hostess.

Thankfully a table opens up.

We get seated at the furthest back corner, which I was ok with except that after we get seated, no one tells us that our server would be right with us, so I’m feeling like we’ve been dumped. I had to ask about our server. Guess I asked the wrong girl ’cause she was totally snippy about it.

Thankfully our server was really nice. Although when we left, she tells me that the kids were really well behaved. I should’ve asked her what did she expect.

It was possibly the most ridiculous dinner I’ve ever had. I would NOT recommend going to this place if you’re not middle aged.

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  1. catseatsocks permalink
    Saturday. 06. 12. 2010. 5.02 am

    Holy, I think I’d have picked another place to eat. There’s nothing more annoying than poor service.

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