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iced tea

Wednesday. 06. 2. 2010.

It’s been lovely weather here in Stockholm. Lovely weather for a tall glass of iced tea.

Unfortunately (I’m not so sure if it’s totally unfortunate) Nestea Iced Tea is not available here in Sweden. I’ve seen Liptons Iced Tea powder mix at the supermarkets but I’m not a fan of the powdered stuff. So I make my own iced tea from scratch. It’s really not hard at all.

Start with some really good tea but you’re not limited to black tea. Sometimes I make iced tea with genmaicha.

It’s not necessary to sweeten your ice tea. Iced tea is after all… just iced tea. Sometimes I use honey, sometimes I use a simple syrup. I find it nicer to use simple syrups instead of granulated sugar ’cause then you don’t have to stir the iced tea till the sugar dissolves.

I like slices of lemon in my iced tea. You can throw in some raspberries or peach slices if you want.

One thing I find most important about making iced tea is to have the right pitcher. I recently got a Bodum BISTRO iced tea jug. The best thing about the Bodum jug is that you can pour hot water into it without worrying about the jug exploding. The plastic filter is also great for loose tea.

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  1. Wednesday. 06. 2. 2010. 1.18 pm

    Ice tea is refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

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