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slow day

Sunday. 05. 23. 2010.

I’m watching 16 and Pregnant on MTV. I saw another episode yesterday with a different girl. I just cannot believe how naive these girls are. They think they’re gonna have this happily ever after life with the baby and the baby’s father; all so far have been COMPLETE douche bags. They honestly think that their life will resume as before after they have the baby. The girl on today’s episode is realising that it costs a lot to have someone look after her baby because she wants to go back to high school to be with her friends instead of being home schooled.

I wouldn’t force my kid to have an abortion if she did get pregnant. I will expect them to realise the full responsibilities of having a child. I just think the best thing to do is to teach them about birth control and that “You’re too pretty for condoms” is not a valid reason. If they’re gonna start having sex, they’re gonna be smart about it.

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