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i cannot be the only one

Friday. 05. 14. 2010.

Since moving to Sweden, I have come to meet a whole group of people I have never meet before in Canada.

Married people and people with children in my generation.

Yes. Back in Canada, all my friends are unmarried and have yet to pass on their genes. That’s not to say that they’ll always remain this way but at the present moment, no one has let one slip or bind themselves to someone else legally (except me).

Now I’m not opposed to those who have decided to pass on their genes. In fact, one of these days I plan on mixing up my defective genes with Fredrik’s, hopefully producing an ok kid or one that’s even more defective. I’ve got my fingers crossed for one that will come out ok.

But knowing a bunch of people with kids and seeing the “gangs” of people pushing their wee ones in prams does give me a certain feeling that I’ve never encountered before. No… it’s not the desire to have one of my own. No… it’s not the warm feeling of a seeing a baby smile. It’s guilt. Guilt like I’ve made a bad choice in life. Like I should be ashamed of myself for not popping one out yet and not having the desire to.

It probably sounds very strange but I do get weirded out when I’ve been around my friends with children too often. But surely I’m not the only one out there that get that sort of feelings. There must be other people.

I need to accumulate some time with my children-less friends back in Canada.

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  1. catseatsocks permalink
    Tuesday. 05. 18. 2010. 5.30 pm

    I know a lot of married with kids people, and this didn’t just start either. Maybe people in the Maritimes get started on that stuff earlier.

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