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just don’t get it

Wednesday. 04. 28. 2010.

I have never disliked school. Not even when I was young. Actually… let me clarify. I have never disliked the learning aspects of school. Things like other students, certain teachers (although not many) and at times the way things are run are the things I dislike about school.

I’m currently taking Swedish courses that is equivalent to high school Swedish but geared towards adults and immigrants. Svenska som andra språk. Which translates to “Swedish as a second language”. This course is not mandatory and I’m assuming that most of the people enrolled in said class is planning on continuing their education in one way or another.

Today I showed up to class to people complaining about how much homework we have to do. These people are only taking this 1 class. The “massive amount” of homework we have involves reading a book and doing an analysis along with a few questions to answer. There isn’t even a solid due date for this!

I just don’t get it. It’s not like these people are forced to take the class. Many have never taken these courses and have well paid and “high” status jobs. The most ridiculous is the fact that those who complain are considering post secondary education. What are they going to do when they have more than 1 course to take!?

I guess I expected more out of an adult education course. I expected people to be prepared and be different from the students in high school. But as my friend pointed out, “The worst thing about growing up is learning that most people never grow up.”

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