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Wednesday. 04. 21. 2010.

After seeing Hello Yarn’s terrariums, I’ve wanted to make some of my own. I’ve just never gotten around to getting the proper vessel to hold my terrarium but the pining was there.

Here’s her beautiful work:

Yesterday I decided to check out the woodlot/forest behind our house. I was rather excited to see all the different plants and mosses growing. I was thinking about all the terrariums I’d have.


These are my favourite. Like little clouds or those big fluffy looking trees.



Then I was thinking about all the cute ornaments I’d have in my terrarium.

That’s when I realised that I had no need to have terrariums.

WE are living in a giant terrarium. The cute wooden houses built by the giant rocks covered in moss and trees. The best thing about it is also the fact that I wouldn’t have to work at keeping it alive. It grows and maintains itself! PERFECT!

In my walk I also saw some seriously LARGE piles of poo. Not that I’m some sort of nutter that goes around taking photos of poo but I’m curious about the animals that live behind my house. Perhaps there’s someone out there that can identify the poo. I’m guessing that the bigger poo belongs to some sort deer.

mystery poo 1
Mystery poo #1

mystery poo 2
Mystery poo #2 (I’m guessing some sort of deer)

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