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so who does know better?

Monday. 04. 19. 2010.

I’ve been working on a couple of articles dealing with arranged marriage in class and it’s made me ponder about the whole arranged marriage thing.

Now… when most people think of an arranged marriage, something along the lines of Apu’s arranged marriage comes to mind. (I tried to find a video clip of it but I’m coughing too much to be persistent.)

Then I have a friend whose family practises arranged marriage BUT it’s definitely not like Apu’s arranged marriage. She explains it as, her parents introduce guys to her and she gets the final say.

There’s an article in an Indian newspaper interviewing some Indian celebrities about their feelings towards arranged marriage. Most were for it, saying who better to choose a mate for them than their parents who know and love them?

Now my question is… who DOES know better? Me or my parents?

I’m pretty sure that my parents wouldn’t have chosen Fredrik for me. Probably some nice Chinese boy with a job with more job security and definitely less tattoos.

Now I’m not saying that I’m terrific at choosing the boys, I’ve had my shares of duds. But I must say that Fredrik is quite the winner.

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