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what is one to do?

Saturday. 04. 17. 2010.

I’ve been sick so I’ve been re-watching Sex and the City. Telia forgot to send me the switch needed for TV so I’ve been choosing from our DVD collection.

I took a look at the Sex and the City 2 trailer today, curious about what it could possibly be about. I may watch it when it comes out on DVD and the price is drastically discounted.

The movie does pose a fairly good question tho. What is one to do after getting married?

After Fredrik and I got married, many of my friends asked, “How’s being married?” I found the question to be a bit ridiculous because I had already been living with Fredrik for nearly 2 years. Was I supposed to feel different? Was there supposed to be some dramatic change in our relationship that I didn’t know about? I suppose there were some differences but nothing that was like “OH MY GOD! I can see colour now!”

I’ve also heard that the first year of being married is going to be the “toughest”. I’m assuming that it kind of no longer applies since I found the first year of moving in with Fredrik to be WAY rougher on our relationship than our first year of marriage.

I rather liked the past year of being Mrs. Fredrik Andersson (or as my friends know me as Mrs. Chandersson). It was strange at first to introduce him as my husband but now I totally love it. We went on our first huge vacation and bought a house together. It’s been a big year. A big and fantastic year.

To be honest, the difference between married and not married is that I can no longer become single again, I’d have to become a divorcée.

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