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oven cleaning

Friday. 04. 16. 2010.

I made this awesome eggplant, tomato and cheese baked goodness yesterday for my friends who came over for lunch. It was like a lasagne except instead of pasta sheets, I used sliced eggplant. My friend Emmanuelle had requested vegetarian so I used only cheese between the layers of sliced eggplant. The middle layer was a ricotta and egg mixture and to top it off I used fresh mozzarella. It turned out DELICIOUS. I must make it for Fredrik when he comes home from tour.

Today I looked into my oven and saw the burnt splattering of the tomato sauce from my baked vegetarian goodness. I’m thinking about getting myself some oven liners. They’re like those silicone baking sheet liners except you line the bottom of the oven with it. I read in the manual that I could get the self cleaning sides from Bosch that cleans as the oven is on. Those could be a good idea. They’re a better alternative to cleaning my oven every week.

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