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i too wonder

Thursday. 04. 15. 2010.

A friend of mine was over and she was looking at our DVD collection. She saw that I have the complete Sex and the City DVD collection and with a scrunched face, she asked, “Why?”

Now I used to be like her. Before I started watching the series when it was airing on TV. I have a tendency to leave the TV on even if I’m not watching, especially when Fredrik’s on tour and when he’s at home (we need background noise ’cause he’s got sensitive ears and I have a whistling nose). But I remember back in the day when the series was new and my friends in college gushed about it, I’d roll my eyes and think, “Why?”

I certainly don’t watch the show because I think Sarah Jessica Parker is fabulous. In fact I don’t really like her character. She was someone I wanted to give a good hard shake. I preferred the characters Sam and Miranda way more. Not to mention I have a wee bit of a crush on Cynthia Nixon.

There are some topics in the series that they touch on that I can really relate to. The “unflushable” partner (see Coupling). The whole marriage thing. Meeting new people. The ex (his, hers, yours). And so forth.

I guess there’s also a comforting factor in knowing that the problems that I had happened not only to me. That others also fail at relationships. I mean sure, you hear about so and so but hearing is not the same as seeing even if it is fictitious.

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