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Thursday. 04. 8. 2010.

Finally… time.

The week leading up to Easter and Easter itself has been a chunk of time that I glad to say is over. Thank god Fredrik was home to tend to things that needed to be tended to while I went to school and worked. It was crazy busy at work and this semester of Swedish is actually demanding.

My birthday and our first wedding anniversary also fell right before Easter. Fredrik gave me one of the best presents ever for my birthday. He took me out for Chinese food and we ate ourselves into a Chinese food induced coma.  🙂

I brought home a lovely leg of lamb from the shop for Easter, which we “celebrated” with Fredrik’s family here at our place. I marinated the leg of lamb with loads of garlic, fresh rosemary + thyme, salt + pepper and olive oil and then roasted it in the oven for about 7 hours at about 80°C. It came out so good. It was a bit lambier than the half leg Fredrik and I had before but the leg is bigger which means it came from a bigger lamb.

marinating the lamb

roasting lamb

With the family, we ate probably 1/3 of the lamb. Then more was consumed with our friends on Easter Monday. There are 3 containers full of lamb in our freezer waiting for later consumption. I’m thinking that I’ll make some sort of lamb curry and lamb stew.

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