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5 minute bread test

Sunday. 03. 7. 2010.

So a while back I ordered a bunch of books about bread baking on Amazon and one of them was Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day. I really like the way they’ve written this book because they stress on the idea that it doesn’t take a miracle to bake fresh delicious bread. Their “secret” is that you keep a supply of wet ready risen dough in the fridge and you bake your bread when you’re ready. I got a good laugh when I read the part about making your own sourdough by starting the new batch of dough in an unwashed container.

Their master recipe, available on their website.
Wet dough

In my book order, I purchased a copy of The River Cottage Bread Handbook and they described yeast as organisms that feed on the sugars in the flour then fart, creating the air bubbles in the dough and then reproduce to produce more organisms that feed, fart and reproduce. Now I giggle a little every time I uncover my risen dough.
Rising after 3 hours

The dough was wetter than what I’ve been used to but shaping the loaf turned out ok.
Resting before baking

I found it to be a bit on the flat-ish side. Think I might try working on it a bit more so that it’d end up being less flat and spread out. The spreading was due to the wet dough.
Freshly baked

Unlike the breads I’ve baked before, it does have varying air holes. I found the bread to be a bit more tasty also. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I let it sit in the fridge over night. They do say that the bread will develop more taste with an “older” dough.
Well buttered

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