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chinese pancakes

Thursday. 03. 4. 2010.

The other day while waiting for our new exhaust fan to show up (which never did), I decided to give scallion pancakes a try. I’ve been meaning to make some sooner but never got around to it. My mom used to make her own flakey savoury pancakes and I’ve eaten it at restaurants but this was my first time making them. What she made was more like a paratha which is this super flakey delicious Indian bread that’s great with curry. But she’s really not into cooking like I am and stopped making them when she found ready made ones at the store.

For those who don’t know what a scallion pancake, it’s a savoury flakey pancake that has chopped up scallions/spring onion mixed throughout the dough. It’s really not hard to make but then again, so are a lot of other foods.

Spread some oil + sprinkle some scallion

My base recipe comes from Appetite for China. The technique is kind of the more important part in making these pancakes because it’s the oil in between the layers of dough that makes it flakey when you pan fry it.

Rolled up

Unfortunately my attempt did not work out as well as I had planned. I forgot to season in the process and might have over flattened my pancakes. But the result was not bad. Fredrik ate his with cheese. I rolled mine up with some salt. It was all good till it got too salt.


Rolled with some salt (I forgot to salt)

Hopefully my next attempt will be more successful. I’m thinking about making a batch of paratha the next time I make a nice pot of curry.

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