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waiting for a taste

Wednesday. 02. 24. 2010.

The flat smells of feet. At least I think it smells of feet.

There’s a lasagne in my oven and I’ve used parmesan cheese. That is the reason for the feet smell.

This lasagne in my oven is my very first lasagne. Fredrik had to go to band rehearsal so he couldn’t make lasagne today. He usually makes the lasagne. I decided to give it a go.

My 1st lasagne I used Ginette Mathiot’s I Know How to Cook for the béchamel sauce and Jamie’s Ministry of Food for the general assembly and cooking instructions.

My 1st lasagneFirst a layer of béchamel sauce.

My 1st lasagne Stir up the ricotta cheese.

My 1st lasagne I mixed the ricotta cheese with some hacked up spinach.

My 1st lasagne Something about bolognese needing ketchup after it’s a day or two old.

My 1st lasagne The final layer of bolognese goes down topped by a layer of béchamel sauce.

My 1st lasagne Top it all off with some regular cheese and parmesan cheese (feet cheese).

My 1st lasagne Shot from the side. See that middle ricotta and spinach layer in the middle? DELICIOUS!

My 1st lasagne Ready and waiting for consumption.

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