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Tuesday. 02. 16. 2010.

As you know, Fredrik & I have bought a house and will hopefully be moving into it in March. We LOVE it. The first floor arrived in the beginning of the month and every time we’ve gone to check it out, something new has been installed/built. The last time we were there, there’s a roof on our house. FANTASTIC!

Like most Swedish things I’ve encountered, the road to living in our own house is not as easy as it seems. I’ve lived in new houses all my life and from my experience in Canada, you usually can just move in without having to worry about things like the cables in your walls and there would be grass in your front and back yard. The grass is not that big of an issue.

Today’s issue is the fact that our house comes with NO cables. There are tubes for them but no cables in these tubes. We have to find people to come install these cables and then connect them to the fibre optics outside our home. What is this madness?

But I’m not going to let this stress me out. Fredrik has kind of dealt it to me to do because he’s just getting a headache over it. I just have to go find someone to put these cables in and get them hooked up and all should be swell. Wish me luck.

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