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nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread

Monday. 02. 15. 2010.

After the success of my first loaf of bread, I have decided that we will no longer buy bread.

First loaf

Baking your own bread is actually quite fantastic. I love doing it. Not to mention the kneading is giving my arms a serious workout. Something I’ve needed for a rather long time. Soon I will have baker-esque arms ready to man handle anyone. Ok… perhaps the man handling is not needed but I think the kneading does work out the arms.

Yesterday I decided to branch out. Using my Williams Sonoma Baking book, I baked an olive loaf and a sun dried tomato loaf. They were DELICIOUS.

Olive bread + Sun dried tomato bread

I’m hoping to make some bagels and English muffins in the near future. For Valentine’s Day I ordered some bread books using Fredrik’s credit card. I told him that my gift to him would be the gift of fresh delicious bread. He was easily persuaded by that.

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