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bread bread bread

Tuesday. 02. 9. 2010.

I like bread but I’m not a regular bread eater. It’s just not something I really grew up with and when I was a kid I was really not a big fan of sandwiches. Even now I’m rather picky about my sandwiches.

Lately we’ve been buying bread from small independent bakeries and let me tell you, their bread is AWESOME.

Unfortunately awesome comes at a relatively high price. For example 66kr for a loaf of sesame sour dough.

It’s not like I can’t bake my own bread or I’m not interested in baking my own bread, so I’ve decided that I will try to bake more of our own bread. Not really that crazy and apparently the new “thing to do”. Artisan bread.

Today I’m experimenting with a white loaf. I’ve decided that once it’s done I’ll be making myself a lovely BLT.

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