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delicious was this kyckling tallrik med ris

Monday. 02. 1. 2010.

For those of you who have never been to Europe, you might not know about the popularity of the kebab.

The kebab can be good, bad and really bad. There’s been a few instances of the mad dash to the loo that can be traced back to a kebab.

Fredrik took me to Palmyra Kebab today in Årsta and I am happy to announce that I have found THE kebab place. I ordered a kyckling tallrik med ris (chicken plate with rice) and got this HUGE serving of the most delicious saffron spiced rice and fantastically seasoned chicken. I haven’t had chicken this good since the Pita Nutsy in Canada. It wasn’t the cheapest lunch but for the amount of food we got, this is pretty darn good. I’ve decided that this will be the ONLY place to get my kebab fix.

kyckling tallrik med ris

Palmyra Kebab
Årstavägen 57
120 54 Årsta.
Tel 08-918012.

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