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deep fried

Saturday. 01. 30. 2010.

In my search for good fish and chips in Stockholm, I have decided that I would make my own. I don’t mind deep frying, just not a big fan of the clean up.

I’m waiting for the potato to fry as we speak. They’re thick cut so it takes a while longer than usual.

While I’m waiting, I was thinking of things that are delicious deep fried. Here’s my list…

  1. chicken, all parts: drumsticks, wings, strips, thighs, breasts, gibblets
  2. fish
  3. pork
  4. potatoes
  5. sweet potatoes
  6. taro
  7. donuts, especially those tiny Tim donuts at flea markets and CNE
  8. fish balls
  9. shrimp
  10. shrimp balls
  11. soft shelled crab
  12. fortune cookies
  13. vegetables, tempura style
  14. sushi
  15. rice
  16. scallops
  17. squid
  18. peppers
  19. eggplant

The list goes on and I must return to my frying.

I’m making halibut and chips. DELICIOUS.

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