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apple pie insides

Friday. 01. 29. 2010.

A few weeks ago there was a sale on apples and I came home with about 5kg of granny Smith and golden delicious apples. There’s been pie, cider, baked apples and applesauce. Of all the things I’ve made, applesauce may be my favourite because it’s so simple to make and goes great with everything. Especially roasted pork belly.

I used 3 granny Smith and 3 golden delicious for the most recent batch. Peel, core and cut up the apples. I kept them in a bowl of water with a bit of lemon juice to keep them from browning.
Peeled apples

The pot I chose was too small for all the apples.
Wrong choice of pot

After pulling out a bigger pot, I cooked the apple chunks with a bit of water and some lemon juice.
Into bigger pot

Cook the hell out of those apples. If you want kind of chunkier bits in the sauce, don’t cook it as much as I did.

See how it’s cooked down?
Cooked down

Add some brown sugar, cinnamon and a wee bit of ground cloves. You can add some white sugar if the applesauce is a bit too sour. If you want to use a stick of cinnamon, you can throw that in at the beginning so it cooks with the apples.
Spices & Brown Sugar

Now MASH! Mash till the applesauce looks right to you.

And that’s how you make applesauce.

It took me like 30 minutes to make this. Most of the work was in the peeling and coring of the apples. But it’s SO MUCH better than the stuff you buy. It’s also great for those with babies. Why buy applesauce in a jar when you can feed your baby with the real deal?

I had my applesauce with my oatmeal this morning. DELICIOUS.
It’s great also with vanilla ice cream or custard. Like I mentioned before, it’s FANTASTIC with pork.

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  1. catseatsocks permalink
    Friday. 01. 29. 2010. 9.50 pm

    I should totally do this. I love apple sauce.

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