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Wednesday. 01. 20. 2010.

Lately I’ve got cookware on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, the pots and pans I have are great but I’ve been thinking about getting a proper nice set of cookware to use in the new house. At the present moment I’ve got my sights set on a 17-piece Cuisinart hard-anodized set but I’m still doing a bit of research. From what I’ve read so far, hard-anodized is the way to go for a “chef” like me.

The final book from my Christmas “spree” came today. The American Diner Cookbook. Rather impressive. Definitely looking forward to trying out some of the recipes.

Recently I got to try out a recipe from The River Cottage Meat Book. Someone had ordered a belly of pork at work and I got to take home the bit that the customer didn’t buy. I roasted it as instructed by the cookbook and served it with apple sauce (made from apples) and mash potatoes. Friends of mine came over for dinner and I’ve been instructed to invite them again when I would make another dinner like that one. Finished off the meal with an apple tart with hazelnut (I used walnuts) brown sugar topping taken from The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook.

Roasted belly of pork with apple sauce

I’m really enjoying this whole making use of my cookbooks.

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