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Indian Garden in Hornstull

Wednesday. 01. 6. 2010.

Fredrik and I had dinner last night at Indian Garden, a restaurant recommended by both my boss and a work mate.

The place was CROWDED. I’ve honestly never been to any restaurant in Sweden that was that crowded. I always take this as a good sign even though both Fredrik and I hate crowds.

I ordered the Kung räkor sizlar and Fredrik ordered the Lamm sizlar. Both were pretty good although the dining experience could’ve been better. We were seated between 2 other couples and at one point, I commented to Fredrik that it was a bit like eating on an airplane. Elbows in.

The waiters apparently thought it was a bit entertaining that Fredrik asked for a spicier sauce. At least 2 were smirking when they asked how he liked the sauce. I must say that it was the best spicy sauce we’ve ever received.

We got an order of samosa for appetizer. Despite the best mint sauce I’ve ever had, I was really expecting more than 1 lonely samosa.

I’m not sure if we’d go back to the Indian Garden as the place we usually go to (Indian Inn, also in the same neighbourhood) is already really freakin’ good and it’s not as crazy crowded as this place. But at least we gave it a go and it was worth the time.

Indian Garden
Heleneborgsgatan 15
Tel: 08-849498

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