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Thursday. 12. 10. 2009.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve bought a house and there are plans to have a veggie garden. So lately I’ve been buying books relating to it. I picked up my Amazon order today from the post office and one of the books in my order is Nigel Slater’s Tender – Volume 1.

It is one hell of a book. I was not expecting such a hefty book. I’m also loving it.

Volume 1 focuses on vegetables. Along with tips and guides about growing, there are recipes that I can’t wait to try out. The chapters include the usual tomatoes, asparagus and beans, as well as some less common vegetables like the Jerusalem artichoke and Chinese vegetables. It’s also nice that what he writes about is based on the vegetables he’s had success with. He doesn’t live on a farm with a giant plot and understands that it’s gonna take a whole lot more to become self sufficient.

I really can’t wait till we move into our brand spanking new house. I’m gonna have to get over my dislike and moderate fear of creepy crawlies if I’m gonna do this gardening thing. It’s easier when working in gloves.

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  1. Friday. 12. 18. 2009. 9.31 am

    we plant a veggie garden every year. My mom’s trick is to follow the almanac. plant when it says plant and fertilize when it says fertilize. Also another tip, if the cows in the field are laying down its time to harvest. I live in the country can you tell LOL.

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