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a grand way to end a super crappy day

Sunday. 12. 6. 2009.

So I had my wallet and phone stolen yesterday.

I was at a coffee shop with a friend and had the whole purse stolen. I was ready to freak out because my keys were in my purse. Luckily (in some ways) I found my purse discarded behind the coffee shop. Unfortunately the bastard made off with my wallet and phone. He even took my change purse.

I’m really more angry about the hassle I have to go through to replace my IDs and losing the wallet I got in Hawaii and change purse I got from Hong Kong. They were my momentos of those vacations. I’m obviously angry that dude took my iPhone. If only he just took the money and phone and dumped the wallet and change purse like how he dumped my purse.

I will count my blessings that he even dumped the purse thus giving me back my keys. I really don’t know what I would’ve done. Especially when Fredrik doesn’t come home till tomorrow.

I thought about how lucky this asshole is since I normally have very little cash on me and yesterday I had money for my tattoo. Another total kick in the nuts for me.

I thought I wouldn’t be getting my tattoo but Fredrik (my tattoo artist) was super kind, told me that he can do it and I can pay him later. A total darling this guy.

He got the line work done and I LOVE it. His girlie was really super also. The night ended on a high note.

Now I just wait anxiously for my next appointment so we can finish it.

Ull & Milo tattoo

Ull & Milo tattoo

More photos here:

I totally love what Fredrik has come up with. I have a feeling that I’ll get him to do any future work.

The plan is to do it in black and grey but Fredrik’s girlie found a photo of a tattoo that had a coloured frame that looked really nice. I’m not too sure since I can’t decide on what colour I would want. I was thinking that I might get the birds coloured in. Maybe he can do something to make the frame look like a white frame. That’s really the only colour frame I can imagine having. We’ll see. I’ve got a bit longer than a month to decide.

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