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could’ve had dim sum 4-5 times

Sunday. 11. 29. 2009.

One of the girls I met recently and have been hanging out with pretty frequently as of late asked me about going for dim sum in Stockholm. We were supposed to head to a farm on Ekerö to have a Thanksgiving feast but the family that invited us fell ill so we headed for dim sum instead.

Fortunately dim sum could be found in Stockholm.

Unfortunately not at North American prices. Not even Kansas City prices.

We were 5 and spent 1430:- on dim sum. I will admit that we did get pretty stuffed and the food was pretty decent.

But I also can’t help thinking that we could’ve gone for dim sum at least 4-5 times if we were in Toronto. But if you factor in a flight ticket to Toronto at 6000:- per person, paying 1430:- for dim sum is pretty good.

The place we went to was Chop Sticks in the city. There was a good selection at roughly 45-55kr per dish.

The best dish was the egg tarts. The pastry was flaky and the ratio of custard to crust was just perfect. I love little egg tarts. I almost wish I ordered another plate of egg tart all to myself.

Unfortunately their chiu-chow style dumplings were not chiu-chow style dumplings at all. The filling was more of a dumpling filling with bits of carrot and celery.

I saw that they also had pig liver congee but I was the only one present that eats “insides” and chicken feet. Perhaps I’ll order that when Fredrik and I go by ourselves. Mmm… liver.

Fredrik comes back in about a week and I think we might have dim sum again depending on when the baby comes. I’m thinking that the next time we’ll go to Aroydee/Deluxe in Gamla Stan.

Chop Sticks Restaurang
Mäster Samuelsg. 42
08 24 63 36

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