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a grand day

Wednesday. 11. 25. 2009.

No no… the grand day was yesterday. Although today’s not too bad. It’s just a bit too cold and rainy for my liking.

I met up with some expats yesterday in the city and what a grand day it became. The girls were just awesome. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to think, “Oh wow! These people are great!” Best thing about it all is that they’ve decided to keep me too. I feel like a silly teenager when I say that I made some friends.

I also picked up a copy of Husmorsorna at Åhléns city. Fredrik and I received a gift card from his aunt for our wedding and there was just a wee bit of money left on it. A bit more than enough for the book. It was a bit of a toss between Husmorsorna, Frisk appetit (Gordon Ramsay) or Middag med Jamie (Jamie Oliver).

I have Nigella Express and Jamie at Home in Swedish and I find that there’s something lost in them being in Swedish instead of English. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I often hear the author’s voice when reading my cookbooks. (My favourite is the Martha Stewart Living cookbook. She’s got a hell of a voice for giving instructions.)

So I went with Husmorsorna. It’s a bit of a homage to the husmoderns köksalmanacka. I actually got a few from Fredrik’s mom. Not only do they have nice recipes inside, they also have really interesting reads and lovely illustrations. One of them has a piece on garlic and how one should NEVER have garlic in more than 1 dish per day. Fredrik and I have definitely violating the rules of proper garlic consumption on many occasions.

Homemaker's Kitchen Almanac 1970 The scent of garlic.I love the illustrations Homemaker's Kitchen Almanac 1972


I also went with Husmorsorna because I wanted more cookbooks that featured Swedish cooking. Although most of the recipes in the book from all over the world. But some Swedish dishes are a complete mystery to me, so mysterious that I don’t even know they existed. Amazingly Swedish cuisine involves more than just potatoes and meatballs.


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