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the hoodie

Sunday. 11. 22. 2009.

Ahhh… the hoodie… such a versatile article of clothing. I love hoodies. I love hoodies even more when they’re from someone I’m into.

To wear a guy’s hoodie is more than just wearing a hoodie. The hoodie is a trophy. It signifies the idea that the guy was willing to give up his warmth and comfort so you can be warm and comfortable. Sometimes it’s not even about being warm. The hoodie is a bit like a baby blanket saturated with the guy’s scent. Before I made the move, I used to make sure that I left with one of Fredrik’s hoodies.

On the topic of hoodies, I’ve knitted a cat hoodie. I knew I must knit at least one when I saw it. I finished it today and got Ull to model it for me. He looks awesome in it. Doesn’t seem to bother him much to wear it. It’s the putting on that was most unpleasant. Cats are just not so into wearing clothes.

The Cat Hoodie

The Cat Hoodie

The Cat Hoodie
He looks like a Jedi with the hood up.


Here’s the link for the pattern:

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