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planet kensington

Monday. 11. 16. 2009.


Once upon a time there was a bar in Kensington Market around the corner from my work that had taco Wednesday, the best taco EVER for only a toonie ($2). I used to look forward to Wednesdays and was sad when I stopped working there. Unfortunately the bar closed and now there’s just some yuppie burger joint that sells burgers at $7 a pop. Planet Kensington was the name of the bar and it was the watering hole for the punk rockers in the area. It wasn’t a fancy bar and their bathroom smelled like fish because of the fish store next door but it had good food and was full of super friendly people.

Before Fredrik went on his tour, we decided to have a taco night. I made my taco like the ones I used to get at Planet Kensington. The key to the goodness is the refried beans spread onto a soft taco wrapped around a completely stuffed hard taco.

Sometimes I really miss working in Kensington Market. The guys at work were all really awesome (with the exception of 1), Chinatown was right next to it, great food, super awesome people and great yarn store (Lettuce Knit).

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