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dumpling tutorial

Monday. 11. 9. 2009.

A while back I made a whole lot of dumplings. Something in the 3 digit area. A friend of mine asked me how I formed them by hand. I’ve been meaning to make a tutorial but Fredrik wasn’t home for the last few times I made dumplings and the cats aren’t so good at holding a camera.

First you have the skin. I buy my skins ’cause I don’t know how to roll them out by hand.


Wet the edge of the skin with a bit of water.


Put filling in the middle of the skin. Be careful not to overfill it.


Fold the skin together at the middle and press to seal. Just the middle!


Fold the skin in the back and press to seal it with the front. Think darts if you’re a sewer.


Keep folding till the dumpling is sealed. Repeat on the other side. I usually get about 2-3 “darts” or folds per side.


Now you have a dumpling. Ready to be pan fried, steamed or boiled.


I usually pan fry my dumplings. First put them into a hot and oiled pan. Add a bit of water, enough to coat the bottom of the pan.


Cover with a lid. The dumplings will steam for a bit. I guess 5 minutes or so. I’ve never timed it. Just kinda know they’re done by the way they look. You’ll see the “dumpling juice” bubbling inside the dumplings. That’s a sign that they’re cooked.


Let it cook for a bit without the lid. This will dry out the bottom and crisp the skin. Don’t leave it for too long though. Then you’ll have burnt bottoms.


Serve with sauce of your choice. I like mine with balsamic vinegar and my mom’s chilli oil.

Here’s the video:

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