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clean your plate

Sunday. 11. 8. 2009.

I’m sure that many grew up with parents that insisted on eating EVERYTHING on the plate.

My friend Salma used to say, “Think of the starving African children.” as she cleaned off her plate. That lead me to shout, “GO! GO! AFRICA!” one time while dining in a restaurant when she was struggling to finish a plate of fried noodles. She didn’t exactly appreciate it but she saw the humour in it.

I grew up having to eat every grain of rice in my bowl. It lead to a few times where I licked the bowl to get the last grains of rice. My mom didn’t really appreciate that.

I remember my mom telling me that grains of rice left in my bowl would lead me to have a husband with pox marks. My grandmother would tell my cousins that if they didn’t want an ugly wife they would have to leave a clean rice bowl. I remember my twin cousins telling my grandfather that he better clean his bowl or he’ll have an ugly wife.

I’d like to know what other people’s parents told them.

On another note regarding what parents tell their children to get them to behave, my friend Tara told me that her mom used to tell them that she’d sell her and her brother to the gypsies if they didn’t behave or be quiet. My mom never told me that she’d sell me to the gypsies but she did tell me that beggars would take me and chop off my arms and legs if I strayed away from her when we were out (this was when I was REALLY young).

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  1. catseatsocks permalink
    Monday. 11. 9. 2009. 4.38 pm

    My mom used the “starving children in Africa” thing too. Those commercials were on all the time about sponsoring a child and whatnot. I thought feeding the food to the dog would be fine, since it wasn’t going to waste.

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