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what do you eat for breakfast?

Friday. 11. 6. 2009.

After reading Almost Bourdain‘s post on curry laksa, I started thinking about breakfast.

When I was really young, my mom would make me eat an egg and drink a glass of warm milk for breakfast. I stopped getting the glass of milk for breakfast after discovering that my lactose intolerance was one of the reasons why I was getting “unexplained” stomach aches. I stopped eating breakfast after high school started and when college rolled around, coffee and donuts were the breakfast of choice to give me that kick in the morning to survive the 8am pattern drafting class. It wasn’t until the last 5 years that I started eating breakfast regularly again.

Fredrik loves his Swedish breakfast. Boiled egg with caviar on bread. Cheese on bread. Shrimp cheese on bread. Ham on bread. Mackerel in tomato sauce on bread. He loves his bread. The Scandinavians all love their bread. They also love their foods that come out of tubes.

shrimp cheese & caviar

I on the other hand will eat anything for breakfast. Usually depends on what I’m feeling like and depends on what’s available. Every so often I like the bacon and eggs combo. Which makes me wish there were diners here in Sweden.

When Fredrik and I were in Hong Kong, we ate out for every meal including breakfast. Liver congee and plain rice noodle rolls were my choice of breakfast. Oh how I could go for congee and rice noodle rolls RIGHT NOW.

Speaking of breakfast. I’m getting hungry. Think I’ll go check out what I can have.

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