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loves the coffee

Friday. 11. 6. 2009.

Swedes love their coffee. According to a postcard I got from IKEA, the Swedes are only after the Finns (apparently drinks the most coffee in the world) in their coffee consumption.

The Swedish verb “att fika” that roughly translates to “to drink coffee”. Fika also works as a noun. I won’t get into it.

The Swedes also like to have something sweet with their coffee.

coffe & chokladboll

Fredrik and I picked up some “kaffegodis” today. I felt like having a “dammsugare”, also known as the punschrulle.

We only got 4 assortments because that’s all the shop had but it still made a good fika.


The punschrulle is arrak flavoured filling wrapped in marzipan and dipped in chocolate on both ends. It’s commonly known as a “dammsugare”. Guess it looks sort of like a vacuum. The chokladboll is cocoa and oatmeal mixed in butter, then dipped in chocolate and coated with coconut. The pärlboll is just like the chokladboll but instead of coconut, it’s covered in nib/pearl sugar. The biskvi is an almond flavoured cookie with chocolate cream on top and then covered in chocolate.

kaffegodis unwrapped

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