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surprise! korean!

Thursday. 11. 5. 2009.

Fredrik and I went browsing today. We went to check out prices for things that we’ll need in the house.

We found a Korean restaurant in the least expected place. Hidden in a “business park” area. Restaurang Izumi Gumi.

We were actually looking for some sort of lunch restaurant. In our search, we also discovered the Vivels bakery. If we weren’t really hungry, we would’ve probably bought some bread. There were some seriously nice looking bread. Their jalapeno bread looked pretty interesting.

We ate out of the lunch menu. Fredrik got the yakitori bibimbap. I got the yakiniku bibimbap. It was as good as the bibimbap I’ve had in the Korean restaurants in K-town Toronto.

yakiniku bibimbap You’ll have to excuse the blurriness. I took the picture with Fredrik’s cellphone and I have a hard time holding my hands still.

I’d like to see their dinner menu. There are probably other authentic Korean goodness.

Damn… now I want all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ.

Restaurang Izumi Gumi
Svetsarvägan SA
171 41 Solna
08 28 01 01

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